Class Notes

Class Notes

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Class of 2017
(Submitted on: 8/10/21)

Kimberly Szabo ’17 serves as an inspiration in more ways than one. As a hospice music therapist, she provides comfort to those in need; as a Miss Pennsylvania USA contestant, she’s inspiring women to reach for the stars.

Class of 2021
(Submitted on: 8/10/21)

Alexis Palys ’21 held several leadership positions during her time at Marywood. Now as a recent graduate, in her new role, she’s using that drive to propel herself and her work to new heights.

Class of 2021
(Submitted on: 6/30/21)

To know Brien McChesney’s faith is to know him.

McChesney, a member of the Marywood University Class of 2021, finds himself in a situation that can provoke a plethora of emotions. You’ve graduated college- now what?

Class of 2001
(Submitted on: 5/26/21)

After completing her terminal degree from Marywood, Jean Dahlgren ‘01 left equipped to face challenges she never expected. The Masters with the Masters program, created for working professionals who wish to gain their MFA, helped Dahlgren push her limits and prepare for an unanticipated career path.

Class of 1988
(Submitted on: 4/8/21)

Colleen Bennett’s '88 mission is to provide free music therapy to as many children afflicted with serious disease as possible.

The interesting thing, though, is that Bennett doesn’t view it as a job at all

Class of 2011
(Submitted on: 2/15/21)

Jigarkumar Patel '11 overcame obstacles to make an impact in his community.

Class of 2019
(Submitted on: 1/15/21)

Jenny Gonzalez '19 is fighting for equitable education and supporting local immigrant populations through Marywood's STARS program and beyond.

Class of 2010 and 2017
(Submitted on: 10/2/20)

Amy Grocki Dastgheer '10 and '17 recently married Asim Dastgheer with a socially distant reception following.

Class of 2012
(Submitted on: 9/30/20)

Jeremy Wescott '12 has co-founded an app that will solve an everyday problem for many.

Class of 2015 and 2016
(Submitted on: 9/25/20)

Morgann Hadduck '16 and Ian Stout '15 were married on September 25, 2020.

Class of 1980
(Submitted on: 8/31/20)

Mary Philipp '80 named 2020 Alumni Achievement Award recipient

Class of 2014
(Submitted on: 8/31/20)

Diana D'Achille '14 named 2020 Recent Alumni Award of Excellence for Professional Achievement recipient

Class of 2011 & 2014
(Submitted on: 8/31/20)

Michael Maritato '11 & '14 named 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award co-recipient

Class of 1970
(Submitted on: 8/31/20)

Cathy Gerard '70 named 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award co-recipient

Class of 2022
(Submitted on: 7/23/20)

“Tommy” as he is called by his friends and family, is a financial planning major at Marywood. He is a very involved leader on campus serving as a Resident Assistant, Director for Youth Ministry, Co-Chair for Kidstuff, Director of College Athlete for A Day, Service Chair of Phi Mu Delta Fraternity, and the incoming President of the Student Alumni Association (SAA).

Class of 2010
(Submitted on: 7/23/20)

As President Scott will work closely with the Office of Alumni Engagement. He encourages Marywood alumni to “visit to obtain alumni resources, sign up to volunteer, register for Alumni Association events, update your contact information and much more. We want to hear from you and support you!”

Class of 1963
(Submitted on: 2/25/20)

Hilda L. Norton '63 recently authored a book titled "A Stroke of Love Memories of Our Journey," which chronicles her husband, Rex's stroke and their spiritual journey that led to his regaining the ability to speak and walk 

Class of 1962
(Submitted on: 2/18/20)

Sister Dorothy Ann Haney '62 has sadly passed away after many years of service to Marywood.

Class of 1940
(Submitted on: 2/18/20)

Mrs. Eileen Dickson Lenahan '40 sadly passed away at the age of 101 in December.

Class of 1979
(Submitted on: 2/11/20)

How Women Won the Vote Alice Paul, Lucy Burns, and Their Big Idea by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Ph.D. '79 will be published in May in the 100th anniversary year of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Class of 1939
(Submitted on: 2/10/20)

Sister M. St. Anthony Radzikowski, IHM '39 passed away January 24th following a lifetime of service to Marywood and the surrounding community.

Class of 1963
(Submitted on: 2/10/20)

Barbara Borrell '63 will be attending and speaking at a medical conference at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. The conference was postponed due to the novel coronavirus. They are hoping to reschedule for later this year.

Class of 1973
(Submitted on: 11/15/19)

Kathleen O’Gorman, Ph.D. '73 was among several volunteers who visited a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing and detention center, documenting the conditions they found and raising awareness of what they saw.

Class of 1998
(Submitted on: 11/6/19)

Susan Kapun was named one of the Top 10 Food Service Directors in the nation.

Class of 1983
(Submitted on: 10/30/19)

M. Parfitt has displayed her works in several gallery shows during 2019.

Class of 2016
(Submitted on: 8/5/19)

Alumni Dustin D'Angelo '16 and Elizabeth Gallagher D'Angelo '16 announce their marriage.

Class of 1999
(Submitted on: 8/1/19)

Captain Timothy J. Wilson '99 was named Commanding Officer of the 123rd Precinct with the New York City Police Department.

Class of 2009
(Submitted on: 8/1/19)

Colleen Alyce Davis Polanin '09 and her husband announce the birth of their daughter Riley Rose.

Class of 2005, 2003
(Submitted on: 7/31/19)

Sally '05 & Anthony '03 Medina announce the birth of their twins, Vivienne and Robert.

Class of 1970
(Submitted on: 6/10/19)

Joyce Zakierski Simmons '70 was honored for 25 years of service as Music Minister/Organist at Our Lady of the Lake Parish.

Class of 2012
(Submitted on: 4/17/19)

Kevin Phillips '12 became the second student to graduate from Michigan Tech with a PhD in Integrative Physiology.

Class of 2007
(Submitted on: 4/3/19)

Dorothy Grill '07 was elected to the NEPA Youth Shelter's Board of Directors.

Class of 2008
(Submitted on: 3/1/19)

Cherie Fruehan has published her first novel, "The Suicide of Sophie Rae."

Class of 1974
(Submitted on: 2/2/19)

Patti Lu Montella Donahue earned a PhD in Sports Management.

Class of 1957
(Submitted on: 1/25/19)

Hilda Faust Mathieu '57 was inducted into the National Security Agency (NSA) Hall of Honor on November 28th, 2018.

Class of 2008
(Submitted on: 1/6/19)

Mary Sheridan Bilbao '08 and her husband welcomed their first child, Ellie Ruth Bilbao.

Class of 2015, 2016
(Submitted on: 1/3/19)

Mackenzie Goodwin '15 and Andrew Lutz '16 were married on July 7, 2018.

Class of 2009
(Submitted on: 11/30/18)

Dr. Lucas Malishchak was named the Director of the Psychology Office for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Class of 1983
(Submitted on: 11/19/18)

Alumni artist Martiann Parfitt ’83, who displays her professional work as M. Parfitt, exhibited 200 small collages at Axis Gallery in Sacramento, California, in 2017.

Class of 1994
(Submitted on: 11/19/18)

The Addictions Recovery Devotional Workbook, authored by James E. Phelan ’94, provides practical applications each week in a way that can enhance readers’ lives through the Bible. 

Class of 2007
(Submitted on: 11/19/18)

Steven S. Walker, M.F.A. ’07 won an Award of Excellence from the Oil Painters of America Salon show.

Class of 1982
(Submitted on: 11/19/18)

Sister Annmarie Sanders, IHM ’82, Director of Communications for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), edited and contributed a chapter to this book, which details what was learned by LCWR during a six-year crisis (2009-2015).

Class of 1972
(Submitted on: 11/19/18)

The Persian Always Meows Twice is the first book in a new series of mysteries by Eileen Watkins ’72 featuring a cat groomer/boarder who also turns amateur sleuth. Professional cat grooming isn’t all fluff.

Class of 2000
(Submitted on: 11/19/18)

Katie McElhenney ’00 recently published a young adult novel, The Things They’ve Taken, with a story that features a mix of the supernatural, fantasy, mythology, adventure, and humor. 

Class of 1984
(Submitted on: 11/19/18)

The Hugging Army: An Experience in Connection is the first published book authored by Vanessa L. White Fernandes ’84, who has been a social worker for more than 30 years, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the fields of social work and counseling.

Class of 1999
(Submitted on: 10/29/18)

Jennifer Esken '99 earned "Best in Show" honors from the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation's 2018 "Through The Seasons" Photo Contest.

Class of 2009
(Submitted on: 10/25/18)

Luz Cabrales, M.A. '09, premieres her first feature film in Scranton.

Class of 2011
(Submitted on: 10/22/18)

George Downey IV '11 earned a chance to try out for the Philadelphia Wings, a professional lacrosse in the National Lacrosse League (NLL).

Class of 2008
(Submitted on: 9/26/18)

Leslie Haines '08 showcases a series of her collages in her book, "Animal Abecedary: A One-of-a-Kind Alphabet Book."

Class of 1992
(Submitted on: 8/9/18)

Lori Sokolowsky, RN, BSN, MSN has been promoted to the Director of Nursing Education at Fortis Institute School of Practical Nursing, Scranton, PA.

Class of 2015
(Submitted on: 8/7/18)

Kristen Spronz ’15 celebrates more than two years as Brand Manager of the YMCA of the Rockies - a position that has taken her all over the world.

Class of 2009
(Submitted on: 8/7/18)

Jenny Rose welcomed the arrival of a baby girl, Jessica Olivia Yasinskas

Class of 2010, MBA 2014
(Submitted on: 7/27/18)

Stanley J. Kania III was awarded the 2018 NAGAP Graduate Student Grant.

Class of 2013
(Submitted on: 6/29/18)

Kelly Ann Tomko earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.

Class of 1957
(Submitted on: 6/23/18)

Celestine Favinger has been recognized in Toastmasters.